Kaiyo Kansokusen

About Kaiyo-kansokusen

Kaiyo-kansokusen is a Oceanographic Observatory Ship. Six ships were were newly buit in 1938. Their type ship was "Sanyo Maru" of Hokkaido Fisheries Research Institute. Kaiyo Nos. 5 and 6 were completed in 1943, but simplified due to lack of materials.
Two captured ships were also added to his class in the navy list in 1943.

Data of Kaiyo-kansokusen

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History of Kaiyo-kansokusen

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Kaiyo No.1

Kaiyo No.2

Kaiyo No.3

Kaiyo No.4

Kaiyo No.5

Kaiyo No.6

Tenkai No.4

Tenkai No.5


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