Kotsusen ken Kansokusen

About Kotsusen ken Kansokusen

The IJN purchased M/S "Kaiei Maru" of Kita-karafuto Kogyo K.K. in 1944. She was renamed "Tenkai No.6" and entered in the navy list as Kotsusen ken Kansokusen (Communication and Observatory Ships).

Data of Kotsusen ken Kansokusen

Builder: K.K. Asano Zosensho, SNo.316. Official No.:40044, Call Sign:JYFJ, Hull: Steel, Sailing: Schooner
Registered Tonnage: 199, Registered Net Tonnage: 78, DWT:166.18
Registered Length; 32.00m, Registered Breadth: 6.70m, Registered Depth: 3.30m, Draft(full) : 2.80m, (vacant)1.80m
Machinery: Ikegai Tekkosho, 6cyl 4SCSA Diesel x 1, 320bhp, Official HP:210
Speed (max): 10.30kt, (service): 9.00kt
* The above are data during the merchant ship. The source of the drafts and service speed are "Kisenhyo (Bessatsu Shashincho)" while the HP is "Nippon Kokan K.K. 50 nen-shi"
According to "Nippon Hansen Meibo", the 1940 edition, Draft (full-average): 2.3m, (vacant-average): 2.1m, Service speeed: 8.5kt, Designated HP:330.

History of Kotsusen ken Kansokusen

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Tenkai No.6


Photo Source:

  1. Bureau of Military Affairs, Navy Department. Kisenhyo (Bessatsu Shashincho). 1938