Tokusetsu Fusetsutei

About Tokusetsu Fusetsutei

The IJN called converted small minelayers "Tokusetsu Fusetsutei". Their main task was to lay mines for defence. Eight merchant ships were used as Tokusetsu-fusentei between 1937 and 1945. "Hyuga Maru" and "Kamo Maru" were removed from the navy list before the outbreak of the Pacific War.

Data of Tokusetsu Fusetsutei

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History of Tokusetsu Fusetsutei

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(Hyuga Maru)

(Kamo Maru)

Kinjo Maru

Choan Maru

Minsei Maru

Takachiho Maru

Urara Maru

Kosei Maru


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