Tokusetsu Kokubokan

About Tokusetsu-kokubokan

The IJN called converted aircraft carriers "Tokusetsu-kokubokan" at first. Their task was to fight a battle with an enemy fleet by carrier based aircrafts. They also engaged in services for transporting the aircrafts to front-line bases and maintaining them there. Three passenger ships were converted to Tokusetsu-kokubokan, but later the Navy purchased and classified them as regular aircraft carriers (Kokubokan). "Hiyo" was named as Tokusetsu-gunkan at launch, but was classified Kokubokan on completion. The Navy also planned to convert three "Asama Maru" class ships, two "Argentina Maru" class ships and "Nitta Maru" to Tokusetsu-kokubokan. Among them, "Argentina Maru" and "Nitta Maru" were actually converted, but classified them as Kokubokan after purchase. They were renamed "Kaiyo" and "Chuyo" respectively.

Data of Tokusetsu-kokubokan

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History of Tokusetsu-kokubokan

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Kasuga Maru (Taiyo)


Yawata Maru (Unyo)


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