Chiho Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

About Chiho Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

This page introduces you water supply ships requisitioned by IJN local forces.

Data of Chiho Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

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History of Chiho Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

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(Ume Maru)

Kyosui Maru

Hatsuun Maru No.2

Kaei Maru 3 Go

Steel Water Tanker No.7 Go

Masayoshi Maru No.3

Eisen Maru No.5 Go

Eisen Maru No.2 Go

Chokyu Maru

Suiei Maru

Eisen Maru No.5 Go

Tai Maru No.3 Go

Tai Maru No.8 Go

Tai Maru No.10 Go

Tai Maru No.15 Go

Tai Maru No.16 Go

Tai Maru No.18 Go

Eisen Maru No.1 Go

Kyusuisen No.7

Kyusuisen No.3

Takasu MaruNo.3

Eisen Maru No.8 Go


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