Chiho Choyosen (Kyuryosen)

About Chiho Choyosen (Kyuryosen)

This page introduces you cold storage ships such as refrigerated ship, frozen ships and trawlers requisitioned by IJN local forces. Toyo Maru No.6 and Toyo Maru No.7 also served as cargo ships.

Data of Chiho Choyosen (Kyuryosen)

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History of Chiho Choyosen (Kyuryosen)

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Rozan Maru No.7

Rozan Maru No.8

Matsuyama Maru

Yayoi Maru

Ichi Maru No.1

Taiyo Maru

Toyo Maru No.6

Toyo Maru No.9


Photo Source:

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  2. Toyo Maru No. 9: Dainippon Suisankai, Suisankai