Chiho Choyosen (Kyuyusen)

About Chiho Choyosen (Kyuyusen)

This page introduces you tankers and oil barges requisitioned by IJN local forces.

Data of Chiho Choyosen (Kyuyusen)

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History of Chiho Choyosen (Kyuyusen)

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Takatori Maru No.3

Nippo Maru No.18

Aoi Maru

Kotoku Maru

Tenjin Maru No.2

Yayoi Maru No.5

Yusosen 1 Go

Yusosen 2 Go

Yusoseen 4 Go

Seiryu Maru No.5

Nibiki Maru No.7


Photo Source:

  1. Takatori Maru No.3: Iino Kaiun Kaisha, Ltd. Iino 60 nen no ayumi. 1959