Ippan Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

About Ippan Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

This page introduces you water supply ships requisitioned by IJN other than Tokusetsukansen.
Aomori Maru was an ex-fisheries guidance boat, the others were ex-fishing vessels and not exclusive water supply ships. Kisei Maru and Aomori Maru also served as cargo ships.

Data of Ippan Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

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History of Ippan Choyosen (Kyusuisen)

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Ohara Maru

Myojin Maru

Kisei Maru

Aomori Maru


Photo Source:

  1. Aomori Maru: Gyosen Kenzo Hikkei The 1936 Edition. Motorship Magazine