Tokusetsu Yusokan

About Tokusetsu-yusokan

Sixty three landing ships were planned for IJN or IJA under the wartime construction programme 1943. The IJN temporally categorized them as Tokusetsu-yusokan until the assignment to IJN or IJA is formally decided. The task of Tokusetsu-yusokan was to transport war supplies at the battlefront. @

Data of Tokusetsu-yusokan

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History of Tokusetsu-yusokan

Nos. 101 to 163 were allotted to as the name of Tokusetsu-yusokan on 5 February 1944. All vessels were re-classed to 2nd class Yusokan on 5 September 1944 except Nos. 103, 128-130 and 150 that had been sunk before the date.